30 Nov, 2023

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Top Solution to Windows Unresponsive keyboard issues

This post details a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting a non-responsive keyboard on Windows 11. It includes basic inspections like checking cable connections, software troubleshooting via system restarts and updates, adjusting language settings, and using inbuilt tools and third-party software for extensive hardware checks. If self-help fails, it suggests contacting manufacturers or IT repair centres. The guide is a handy resource…

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Shadow Fight 3 V 1.33.6 Mod

After some time off, we’re back with a new post about Shadow Fight 3. The information on the most recent versions of Shadow Fight 3 and its mod will be provided in this section. The introduction should come first. What is shadow fight 3 Mod: The phrase “Shadow Fight 3 mod” refers to a modified […]