How To Recover Data From Soft-bricked Android Device

Our everyday routines now function without the Android devices, which have become an essential part of our life. Nevertheless, users sometimes experience problems that might cause their devices to become unresponsive or become trapped in a boot loop—a phenomenon known as a “soft-brick.” Particularly if important data is in jeopardy, this scenario can be upsetting.

Lets first know the soft brick and its component in more detail.

Soft Brick

On Android, a device with software problems that result in partial or total unresponsiveness is referred to as a “soft brick”. Soft bricks, as opposed to “hard bricks,” which signify irreversible hardware damage, are frequently recoverable using software techniques like recovery mode or ADB instructions.

Hard Brick

An Android smartphone that is rendered totally unusable due to severe and permanent damage is referred to as a “hard brick”. A hard-bricked gadget has irreversibly damaged its vital hardware components, making it irreparable, in contrast to a “soft brick,” which has software problems that can be fixed.

How To Recover Data from soft bricked Android device

Recovery Mode

The majority of Android smartphones have a recovery mode that lets users carry out maintenance. The default recovery mode available for most android device is Stock recovery. It does not support data recovery, we will have to install custom recovery like Orangefox or TWRP. This custom recovery are capable to backup Android data including the number of install apps, accounts, contacts and literally everything.

For files of internal storage, we have to enable MTP (media transfer protocol) from this custom recovery and copy the internal storage files to another computer.

To make this work, it is necessary that your soft brick android phone is atleast being detected as an device by your computer. It is because, we will have to flash custom recovery. Here is the detail steps on how to backup android data with custom recovery:

  • Boot Into Recovery: First boot the device into recovery mode by pressing vol up + power button or using command.
  • Navigate Backup: Find backup section on your custom recovery which will generally be in top menu.
  • Select Storage: This is the important step for soft brick android device because the internal storage might be corrupt so make sure to backup all the files from this custom recovery to external SD card.
  • Select Data: We will have to select the type of data we need to backup. There will several option of data backup like boot, recovery,system etc. We have to select data from this multiple options.
  • Finish: After the backup of data has started, simply wait until the process gets complete.
  • Flash Stock Firmware: After backing up data, now flash stock ROM on your android device.
  • Flash Custom Recovery: To restore the data we earlier backed up, we need custom recovery. Make sure to install the same custom recovery which you did earlier.
  • Recover Data: Simply head to custom recovery and insert the SD card which you used backed up the data. Go to recovery section and select recover data from SD card. The process will start now and wait until it finishes.
  • Reboot: Now reboot your android device after restoring the data. Enjoy!

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