How To Get Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Lifetime

How To Get Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Lifetime

Have you ever wondered how to get free unlimited cloud storage for lifetime? This post will definitely help users like you & me. Because I also wanted similar feature and most of the existing product/services didn’t provided the services for free. Most of them are paid. Worry-not as I’ve found some applications that offer free lifetime cloud storage and I’m going to tell how you can make it unlimited because the title includes “Unlimited“.


Mega was established in 2013 as a cloud storage and file hosting service. Mega, a New Zealand-based company, provides users with end-to-end encrypted free storage of up to 50 GB along with more storage options through both free and premium plans. Users of Mega can upload and store files, as well as access them from any computer or device with an internet connection. Users can also invite someone to join a shared folder or send them a secure link to share their files with them. Mega wants to offer users private and secure cloud storage with options like two-factor authentication and the flexibility to cancel access to shared files at any moment.

Mega do provide cost-free, unlimited access for life. It just have a little storage space accessible (50GB). Now here comes the trick of mine. Let’s assume this is my email address: [email protected].

I will use [email protected] to sign up instead of that Gmail address. Now, this id will be distinct from [email protected] and the countless additional ids that you might have theoretically constructed from just one Gmail.

You might be contemplating what just transpired. In contrast to [email protected] or e[email protected], [email protected] is unique.

It is just plain and simple, and working! You got your unlimited free cloud storage and for lifetime. Use this trick to create unlimited Mega account using same email address. You can try same trick with other cloud storage like Google Drive and OneDrive. Do tell us in the comment if the same trick works on different cloud storage platform.


  • Security: Strong security measures, including as end-to-end encryption for all files uploaded to Mega’s servers, are among its many strengths. As many other cloud storage providers might not provide the same level of security, this distinguishes it from others.
  • 50 GB Storage: More than many other cloud storage providers, Mega provides up to 50 GB of free storage. Other services, however, offer more storage or unlimited storage as part of their paid plans.
  • Higher File Size Limit: Mega is a wonderful choice for storing massive files because of its 20 GB comparatively high file size restriction. But, depending on the plan you select, some other providers may have higher or lower file size restrictions.
  • Cost Effective: Although Mega’s free plan provides a sizable amount of storage, some users might find it insufficient. Paid Mega plans may cost more than some other cloud storage options, but they may also include more features or storage space.

Similar Cloud Storage Platform like Mega

  • Google Drive: Google Drive is a well-known cloud storage platform that gives customers 15 GB of free storage. Users can save files, documents, images, and videos on Google Drive and view them from any location with an internet connection. For customers who frequently use Google products, Google Drive is a practical choice because it connects with other Google services like Gmail and Google Documents. Moreover, Google Drive provides premium plans with more storage space.
  • Drop Box: Users of the online storage system Dropbox receive 2 GB of space without charge. Because of its ease of use and simplicity, Dropbox is a popular choice for both personal and business use. Users can save documents, pictures, and videos on Dropbox and view them from any device with an internet connection. Dropbox also offers subscription plans with increased storage capacity and extras like sophisticated sharing capabilities and file recovery.
  • OneDrive: Microsoft’s OneDrive is a cloud storage service that offers users 5 GB of free storage. OneDrive is a well-liked choice for people who commonly use Microsoft products because it connects with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft services. Users can save documents, pictures, and videos on OneDrive and access them from any internet-connected device. OneDrive also provides subscription plans with more storage space and functionality, including as sophisticated sharing options and offline access.

We hope this helps. If you have any new suggestions or ideas, do let us know!

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