How To Fix Xiaomi MI Tool Unknown Error 1004

How To Fix Xiaomi MI Tool Unknown Error 1004

I was recently trying to unlock the bootloader of my android device and then I encounter an error Xiaomi mi tool that showed 1004 error. I searched about this error on different online platform but didn’t found something accurate. I did some random things like reinstalling Mi tool, restarting device, signing in and out to check possible errors and after 38 hours of intense testing, I was able to find exact reason for this error.

Some of you might be thinking what exactly is this error about? worrynot because I’m going to share you the detail of why this error occurs and how to fix it.

More about this error 1004

While updating the firmware on Xiaomi smartphones with the company’s official utility, Mi Flash Tool, a common problem known as Mi Tool error 1004 occurs. The bootloader of the device, which is the program that loads the operating system when the device is turned on, is usually the cause of this error.

How To Fix Error 1004

There are basically three ways we can fix this error. If one doesn’t work, try another method.

Method 1

The answer is straightforward; we only need to insert the SIM card we previously used to confirm our MI account. This error can be triggered by not having able to verify ownership also. For us, the problem was fixed and the amount of time left to unlock the bootloader just appeared when we inserted the SIM cards. If this doesn’t work for you, try second method.

Method 2

A discrepancy between the firmware version and the device model may also be the root of the Mi Tool error 1004. If you try to install firmware designed for a different device or a different version of the same device, this may occur. In this situation, you should make sure that you have the right firmware and that it is compatible with the model and version of your device.

Method 3

The device’s bootloader may be locked or unauthorized, which might prohibit the firmware from being updated, and this is another potential cause of Mi Tool error 1004. You might need to use Xiaomi’s official bootloader unlock tool, which is available on their website, to unlock the bootloader in order to resolve this issue.

Mine was fixed by method one because I did 48 hour of testing with my android device. You can try each of this method manually to see which of this work for you. If none of these method works for you then it may be good to contact Xiaomi’s customer support or community forums for advice. They may have further troubleshooting suggestions or solutions available.

That’s all for this post. Keep commenting about your experience so we can update it here.

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