How To Fix Signature Verification Failed on Android

Hello there, have you ever encounter an issue with android app showing “same signature conflict”?. If yes , worry not cause we have got a solution for this. We also recently encounter this problem while installing an application blue light filter which basically work as eye protection by adding some shield to android screen.

What is Signature Verification Failed on Android?

When an Android application’s digital signature cannot be validated, an error appears. Cryptographic keys are used to sign Android apps in order to guarantee their authenticity and integrity. To ensure that unauthorised actors have not tampered with or modified the software, security measures such as signature verification are essential.

How To Fix

Fixing this error will require us to change the existing application signature. Here is how to do that.

  • Install APK Editor application from here.
  • Open APK editor and select the app that has the signature problem.
  • Click on common edit from the four available option.
  • Edit package name of the application as shown on the screenshot below. Just add one extra character.
  • After entering package name, there will be two option available. Select the first one if not selected already which is called “change the package name in resources.arch“.
  • Click on save changes and wait for the process to complete.
  • Install the application now after the process is complete and it should be installed with no signature verification errors.

We hope this post was able to solve your issue and If it did then please subscribe to our mail so you can every update from us instantly.

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