How To Extend Android Overall Performance

How To Extend Android Overall Performance

Have you ever thought about using maximum potential of your phone? Do you know that android can perform way higher operations with faster speed than average? In this post, we will let you the ways to utilize your android capatability.

Before we jump into the process, it is important to know that modifying android beyond what manufacturers recommend is risky and will void the warranty. It is also important to note that some features that we are going to mentioned in this article will require superuser access.

Removing Unwanted Apps & Bloatware

It is necessary to keep your applications list up-to date. It is also important to remove the unwanted third party applications that you’re no longer using or that is no longer need.

For applications that comes preinstalled, you must root your device to uninstall them. You can follow our article about how to root for more details. These apps can take up valuable storage space and potentially slow down the device.

Overclocking CPU

Some of you might be wondering what is overlocking, so here is the formal definition. Overclocking an Android CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the process of increasing the CPU clock speed beyond its default settings to improve the device’s performance. The CPU clock speed determines how quickly the CPU can process instructions and perform tasks.

The performance of an Android device when performing high-processing-power tasks, such gaming or video editing, may be enhanced by overclocking the CPU. The device can process commands and complete tasks more quickly if the CPU clock speed is increased above its default value, which could lead to a smoother and more responsive performance.

Installing Custom Kernel

A custom kernel is a piece of software that communicates with the hardware of the device. In order to improve battery life and overall performance, custom kernels can make adjustments to the memory management or multitasking strategies used by the CPU and GPU. ElementalX and Franco Kernel are two examples of well-liked modified kernels.

Block Ads

Advertising can be bothersome and cause the device to lag, especially if they are animated or laden with graphics. Ads frequently have a negative effect on performance by using up system resources like CPU and memory. On a device, adverts frequently include tracking tools and scripts that might continue to operate in the background and drain system resources even after the ad has been closed. Particularly on older or lower-end devices that can have less powerful hardware, this might lead to slower device performance.

Ads can be blocked throughout the system with a root-enabled ad blocker like AdAway or Ad block Plus, which will enhance the device’s speed.

Customizing User Interface

Root access allows users to customize the device’s user interface beyond what is possible with stock software. For instance, you can alter the status bar, navigation bar, and other system components of the device using a root-enabled program like GravityBox or Xposed Framework. Additionally we can also used light android launcher made by third party developers from Xposed Framework.

Increase Storage Capacity

With root access, you can install a custom recovery and partition the device’s storage if your Android smartphone has a little amount of internal storage. App data can also be transferred to an external SD card or USB device using programs like FolderMount and Link2SD.

Improve Battery Life

There are various ways to extend battery life with root access. Using programs like Greenify, which enable users to hibernate background-running apps that drain battery life, is one approach to extend battery life. Greenify can even hibernate system apps with root access, which will save much more power. Using apps that give you more control over the device’s CPU and GPU settings is another technique to extend battery life. Users can alter the CPU and GPU’s clock speeds using apps like CPU Tuner and Kernel Adiutor, which can assist cut down on battery usage by restricting the processor’s power usage.

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