How To Block Invalid Traffic on Your Website

Recently we noticed that our website was receiving invalid referral traffic from third party website. We monitor this traffic for few days before taking further action to make sure where it was coming from. The traffic our website was getting didn’t counted on Google Analytics and was only counted in WordPress analytics.

We found out that it was definitely invalid traffic when the views were coming at random times and were only coming from particular 3-4 European countries. Then we decided to take action to stop this invalid traffic.

In this post, we will let you know how you can protect your website from any invalid traffics. The method we tried to protect our website from invalid traffic will also be shared. Make sure to read it to the end.

Best Ways To Prevent Invalid Traffic:

We used cloudflare firewall technology to block such invalid traffics. What we did is, found out from where the traffic was coming from and simply blocked the referral.. Hers’s how you can do that.

Cloudflare Firewall: As seen on the above screenshot, we set the rules on cloudflare that whenever traffic comes from such referral then it will be blocked. You can also do the same.

First of all find out from where such invalid traffics are coming from then block them via cloudflare firewall feature. Here are the steps on how to do that.

  • Open your Cloudflare account and log in.
  • Select the domain that needs to be configured.
  • Go to the section labelled “Firewall“.
  • Open the tab labelled “Firewall Rules“.
  • Select “Create a Firewall Rule.”
  • Establish the parameters that the rule looks for, such as blocking traffic coming from particular IP addresses.
  • Specify the action to take when conditions are met, e.g., block the traffic.
  • Give the rule a descriptive name.
  • Click “Deploy” to save and activate the rule.

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