Free Fire Latest Patch Updates & Leaks

After a lengthy absence, we are finally back with a fresh report on the latest updates and features for Free Fire. We are eager to share Free Fire v1.99.0 s most recent patch information. Let’s begin writing the post.

In the next weeks, Free Fire OB40 is scheduled for release, and Garena is getting ready. On May 19, 2023, the Advance Server program for the OB40 update will be back. For a chance to test out the upcoming features in advance, players can sign up for the Advance Server. Readers must act quickly, though, as FF OB40 Advance Server is only accessible to a select group of people.

What to expect?

Every new update allows players the chance to add unique rewards in addition to a few standard inclusions. Every time there is an update, Garena adds a new character, and this time it will be Sonial, a new female character who is probably going to show up in the game. Popular data miner BB Bhai announced that the next version will also have a new mode called Metropolis in a social media post. In addition to these two additions, incentives will include bundles, pets, vouchers, characters, and further goods.

A brand-new ranked season with new game types, rewards, challenges, and other features will also be included in the new OB40 release. As a result, players can look for advice on how to increase their kill total in the game’s ranked mode. The 4v4 gameplay of the Clash Squad mode is anticipated to receive significant enhancements with the forthcoming release.

Some changes with new update:

  • Reworked character system: Buy characters with gold and immediately unlock characters with max level skills. skill equipping has been improved.
  • Orion, a brand-new character. His primary ability shields him from harm and depletes an opponent’s health.
    Alvaro’s Character Awakening 3.
  • Super Revival and in-game quests are new in Battle Royale.
  • Clash Squad Protection Points have been optimized. Rank up more easily!
  • Pet Smash and Triple Wolves are two upcoming new modes.
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