How To Block Invalid Traffic on Your Website

The website was seen to receive invalid referral traffic originating from specific European countries, discernible only through WordPress analytics but not by Google Analytics. Recognizing the sporadic nature of these views as indications of invalid traffic, steps have been taken to cease this activity.

How To Recover Data From Soft-bricked Android Device

The content discusses soft and hard brick on android devices, a phenomenon that causes the devices to become unresponsive or trapped in a boot loop due to software or hardware damages respectively. It then explains the process of recovering data from a soft brick. It involves using recovery modes and custom recovery software like Orangefox or TWRP to backup and recover data. The guide also details how to navigate these recovery programs and the important steps to ensure successful data recovery.

Top Solution to Windows Unresponsive keyboard issues

This post details a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting a non-responsive keyboard on Windows 11. It includes basic inspections like checking cable connections, software troubleshooting via system restarts and updates, adjusting language settings, and using inbuilt tools and third-party software for extensive hardware checks. If self-help fails, it suggests contacting manufacturers or IT repair centres. The guide is a handy resource for keyboard-related issues.